GoGoPixels is a photography service that delivers high quality and striking photographic images. As an avid photographer, I like to capture a variety of subject matter on both digital and film formats.

The specialty of GoGoPixels is portraiture. Let's face it, most people in today's tech-savy society often rely on their Smartphones to capture impromptu photos of themselves or family members. This approach will often result in lackluster results. Take a moment to treat yourself to a professional photo session that aims to produce results you and loved ones will cherish for years to come.

Most photo sessions can be done on location and do not require studio rental fees. My overall philosophy for capturing images is to maintain the essence of the photo throughout the post-processing phase without distorting the original intent or vision that I had for the image.

Feel free to send me an e-mail to discuss your photographic needs and to schedule a photo session.

A Statement Regarding the Images on the Website:

The galleries include select personal photographic works that are available for direct purchase. The company performing the printing and shipping is MPix and I have used them extensively for a number of years. Their quality, speed of delivery and customer service cannot be beaten. If you have questions about print options or would like to inquire about a specific photo, please feel free to inquire by sending an e-mail (dasgogo@yahoo.com).